Inifniti music & arts centre

IMAC 2020 concert series 

aBOUT imac

Infiniti Music & Arts Centre (IMAC) is a non-profit organization with a goal of uniting people of different

diversity but have the same passion for music together, lighting up their dreams of going on a stage

through periodically training and communication on music and arts.

By organizing high-quality performances in music and arts, IMAC devotes to push new artistic

boundaries across a wide variety of disciplines, contribute to popularize and further the advancement

of musical culture of Canada. Also, by infusing the Asian music and arts into the Canadian

multicultural society, enrich the spiritual life of the Canadian community, benefit all Canadians to

experience and enjoy new and different artistic traditions.

There are five groups under IMAC at present: Infiniti Strings Junior Orchestra, Infiniti Traditional Chinese

Orchestra, Infiniti strings Youth Orchestra, The voice of Infiniti, and Infiniti Chamber Ensemble. All the

members in IMAC are either professional musicians in various disciplines, or the top qualified

amateur musicians.

In the year of 2019-2020, IMAC have planned more than 10 musical events in relation to string, wind

and traditional Chinese instrument, and vocal in many forms, from concerts, master classes, lectures,

movie nights, celebration gala, and etc. All the events will be held in Infiniti Music Hall with up to 200