MArch Break Camp


Make music using the Orff Approach!

 This fun and active camp focuses on music-making using the Orff Approach. Students will learn music through singing, dancing, acting and the use of percussion instruments. The Orff Approach focuses on the element of play and is taught by an experienced performing-arts professional. This camp allows the camper grow and learn while building confidence and self-expression through the arts.  Camp culminates with a performance for friends and family! Before and after care available. 

Date: March 16th – 20th 

Time: 9am – 4pm 

Before and After Care: 8am – 6pm 

Cost: $300  Earlybird: $270 (before February 1st 2020) 

Suitable for students with no or limited experience in music! This is for students who want to explore new instruments and new ways of making music! Students under the age of 13 with high music competency will have the chance and experience to teach younger students. 

- This camp does not provide lunch. Please prepare a nut-free lunch and a snack for your child. 

- Camp T-Shirt will be provided 

Courses info

Music Explorer Class


The task of general music education is to encourage singing, making music, conscious listening, moving to music and creative musical work by taking into account the acoustic and musical environment and by paying attention to the individual nature of each child. 5 areas of focus: Vocal Music Making, Movement, Creative representation and Listening. This is where every musical journey with Infiniti Music School begins.

Drama and Dance Class


Young kids become more confident and develop lifelong skills at our fun and welcoming singing, dancing and drama class. Young Kids will learn: role playing, body mimicking, speech, improvisation, body language and expressions.

Musical Theatre Class


Kids and teens explore their creativity as they develop singing; dancing and drama skills in our engaging performing arts classes. Through in-depth training and master classes, kids are encouraged to hone their performance skills.

Junior Orchestra


This ensemble is geared to level 0 to 2 students. The Junior Orchestra is for students who want to develop their music skills in a group setting.

Senior Orchestra


This ensemble is geared to the student with at least eighteen (18) months of playing experience. Participating students will also form a Chamber Ensemble under supervision of their instructor, to develop leadership, responsibility and non-verbal communication skills.

Junior & Senior Band


Both ensembles are open to any interested student. The ensembles are made up of duos, trios, quartets, quintets, etc., depending on student level, age, genre and interest.

  • Senior Band: For students with at least eighteen (18) months of playing experience wanting to further develop their musical skills as well as leadership skills in a small group setting.