Warranty, Trade-IN & CONSIGNMENTS


Purchase Warranty & Returns


If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, you may return or exchange your purchase in its original packaging with your receipt within 30 days of your purchase.

Warranty for Instruments: A period of five years from the date of purchase.

Our five-year warranty covers peg adjustments, open seams, Nut and saddle adjustments, reshaping and gluing of parts caused by weather change.

The warranty does not include string replacement, Bridge replacement, cracks caused by factors unrelated to the manufacturing process of instrument or bow, Soundpost adjustments , varnish touch- up and cleaning. 

Trade-in Policy


Instruments from Infiniti Strings

The original purchaser of a musical instrument and bow from Infiniti Strings may trade an instrument and bow purchased from us in exchange for another instrument and bow of equal value or more. We offer the trade in value up to 60% of the resale value for Beginner and Intermediate level instruments such as Primo PN, VN, PC, KN, KC-300 and  VC-300 series, and up to 70% of the originally paid price for and higher end workshop made instruments such as GN-530, MN-500, VC-304, KC-304 and up.  For the professional level hand-made instruments we offer up to 80% percent of the market price.

The cost of refurbishment based on the damage and wear of the instrument or bow will be reduced accordingly.  Customers may be required to show a copy of the sales invoice as proof that they purchased the instrument or bow from Infiniti Strings.

Instruments from Other Shops

We do accept instruments for trade-ins that have been purchased from another shop.  Based on market value, condition and quality of workmanship we can offer a trade-in credit.

Infiniti Strings reserves the right to refuse a Trade-in due to the quality of the instrument or bow.


 Infiniti Strings accepts consignment sale of professional grade instruments and bows of the violin family. The owner/maker receives 75% of the paid price. If the instrument or the bow needs some repair or adjustments, the cost of repair should be paid upfront.